Deathwish x Cowtown Board Release Party

This past weekend we celebrated the release of the Deathwish x Cowtown collab board at the Tempe location with Erik Ellington, Neen Williams, Jon Dickson, Taylor Kirby and Derricke Nua.

Thank you to Trent, Ed and Laura for holding down the Arizona skate scene and head over to Cowtown to get the limited edition collab board with ARTWORK BY ERIK ELLINGTON!!!

Of course, we had to make it official with an impromptu demo in the parking lot!!!

Erik Ellington Bigspin Front Board

Derricke Nua Nosegrind 180

Took it to the streets the next few days!

Taylor Kirby 180 out of the ditch

AZ Legend Scotty Copalman One Footer

Neen Williams with the Best Heelflip in the game

Taylor Kirby finishes off the trip with the noseslide of pain