Deathwish For America Tour: Photo Blog 1

The Deathwish For America tour kicked off in Cleveland, OH at Tri-Star Skate Shop.

Cleveland alumni Cyril Jackson came along as a special guest for the stop showing love to his hometown - thank you to all the staff and kids that came out!

By popular demand, we made a limited number of Deathwish For America and Gang Logo tour boards which will be available on our site this Friday, 10/21 at 3pm PST.  Only 100 made of each.

Photos:  Ben Karpinski (@karpinsk)

jd nosepick

Jon Dickson - Nosepick

nw heel front board

Neen Williams - Heelflip Front Board

lk kickflip

Lizard King - Backside Flip

tk 3 flip grind

Taylor Kirby - 360 Flip 50-50

cj kf front board

Hometown Hero and Special Guest Cyril Jackson - Kickflip Front Board

nw front 180 heel

Neen Williams - Frontside 180 Heelflip

jf kickflip 50

Jamie Foy - Kickflip Frontside 50-50

ev back noseblunt

Erick Valdez - Backside Noseblunt

jh front hurricane

Jake literally flew in from Australia and came straight to the tour - Frontside Hurricane

nw heel back lip

Neen Williams - Heelflip Backside Lipslide

lk smith

Lizard King - Smith Stall

jd kf back noseblunt

Jon Dickson - demo ending Kickflip Backside Noseblunt

signingdw tattoo

Deathwish For Life!

cj signing

Cyril signing his debut pro model

tri star

Next stop was Launch Skate Shop in Ann Arbor, MI


Launch Skate Shop - line around the block

jake front blunt

Jake Hayes - Front Bluntslide


valdez back 3

Erick Valdez - Back 360

neen tranny

Neen got tranny skills

dickson switch flip

Jon Dickson - best switch flips

jake back noseblunt

Jake Hayes - Back Noseblunt

neen varial heel

Neen Williams - Varial Heelflip

kirby darkslide

Taylor Kirby - darkslide demo killer!!!

Photo blog continues tomorrow - video and board release on Friday, 10/21

DW For America Boards