Jamie Foy - SOTY 2017 Finalist

soty finalist

Jamie Foy
Age: 21

Sponsors: Deathwish, Diamond Footwear, Spitfire, Thunder, Shake Junt, Bones Swiss, Stance, Island Water Sports, Red Bull

Home: Deerfield Beach, FL

Big Moves in 2017: Like a husky Cinderella, Jamie Foy’s magical journey took him from the sweat-soaked best-trick contests of Florida all the way to the top of the heap in 2017 starting with his smashing Welcome to Deathwish part, introducing the power of the pinch to a mass audience. He was Muska approved on King of the Road where he didn’t let short shorts, handcuffs or Lizard King’s gentle roasting stop him from dropping progressive/hairball moves at every turn, including the trend-bending 50-50 sex change off the big rail at Havasu. Foy led the charge on the Am Scramble and his pro board soon followed, backed up by another stellar flick – Deathwish Part 1, which saw him not only messing with The Bull, but tossing out handrail NBDs like the back 50 shove it transfer and front crooks shove it pop over. Defying stair count and body type, Big Boy Foy is blazing the trail of what’s possible on a skateboard. Oh yeah, and that El Toro front crooks cover? That part comes out in Ty Evans’ The Flat Earth movie in a couple of weeks.
Rewind it!  That pinch tho