Jon Dickson - The Skateboard Mag Interview

In 2007, Birdhouse released The Beginning, the anachronistically titled follow up to 1998’s The End. The video was the first time many of us saw Jon Dickson. Jon was just in his late teens, but he already had an assured style and a variety of tricks (bigspin heelflip boardslide on a handrail, beautiful back Smith in a bowl). It was clear from his section that Dickson had incredible potential; his natural style and power were undeniable. 

Shortly after Baker’s sister brand Deathwish was started, Dickson’s former Birdhouse teammate, Figgy, put in a good word for him. The fit was perfect. A few years ago, at the premiere of The Deathwish Video, Dickson was made Pro. The rest of his sponsors followed suit: shades for Happy Hour; a provocative Pro wheel for OJ; and a head-turning apparel collection for Altamont. Overall, not bad for a small town boy from Antioch, Illinois (population: around 14,000). 

 Lately, Dickson has been on a mission. He’s recently on the wagon (aiming for 100 days, a goal he set in tandem with Figgy, and at press time he will have hit this mark), and the photos and footage from this interview are a clear result of that. “It’s just too much… one day I was just over it,” Dickson says. “I just feel like a little kid again and want to go skate everyday.” 

 If he isn’t skating everyday, you can find Dickson enjoying some of his other favorite things: “Get some Indian food, watch TV, and bullshit with my chick.” And of course, hanging out with Darlin’, his gorgeous pup with the feline eyes. 

 “Dogs give you unconditional love and they’re just the best things on the planet Earth,” he says. “It’s just rad to have a responsibility like that, taking care of a ripping rad dog.” 

Full interview with Jon Dickson at The Skateboard Mag - Photos Atiba